Apres Avon

badass arch

Today is the grand opening of an exciting new pair of pocket playgrounds on the Pedestrian Mall in  Avon, Colorado. The crew here at ID Sculpture is proud to have been a part of this awesome project in another amazing Colorado community. In pocket 1, we installed a small bouldering garden with two climbing sculptures featuring a painstakingly hand-crafted hybrid texture of intricate Colorado sandstone fused with the best textures from Fontainebleau in France.

Deviously hidden natural holds riddle these boulders and comprise some of the best sculpted climbing we have ever created! With boulder problems from v0 to v11, we think climbers of all ages will find this pair of custom boulders challenging and fun.



In pocket 2, we created a series of sculpted animals including an awesome bison, a bear cub, and a cute beaver for the littlest ones to scramble on, over, and around.

The opening party has already begun and we are on our way out the door to check it out!