Where did all of this new stuff come from?


If you just dropped into the IDeaS blog and by-passed our main site, you might have missed the immense number of new projects featured over on our updated Playground Gallery page. Well, those new projects are just a taste of what we have been up to since our last big site update, and we have plenty more in the works. Right now, though, we would like to share with you the adventure our photographer had this summer putting together all of this new content…

First, let me introduce myself: My name is TJ and I am a long-time friend, collaborator, sometimes-designer, and sometimes-sculptor with ID Sculpture. I am also the default photographer and marketing guy, and I hope to be a continuing contributor to this blog.

At the beginning of the summer of 2014, ID Sculpture owners Ian and Andris came to me with a desire to reboot their website with refreshed content and images from a slew of new projects. The list of sites was extensive, and I hadn’t seen quite a few of the finished installations beyond the preliminary design sketches that had made their way across my desk over the last couple of years. I was stoked to check out the latest and greatest work from the team and immediately started mapping out project locations and plotting a plan of attack.

Fortunately for me, I’m not the only one in my household who loves playgrounds. My 5-year-old daughter Charlotte has grown up scrambling over the hand-crafted surfaces of ID playground Sculptures. These features and environments have been fundamental in developing an awareness of her physical abilities (and limitations) as she scales ever-more-difficult sculpted climbing routes. These beautifully diverse installations have played a big part in fostering a real sense of imagination and adventure in the way Charlotte and I play together. For me, photographing ID Sculpture sites isn’t work; it’s just plain fun and a great opportunity for me to play and bond with my daughter.

sandcastle playground sculpture

Charlotte peaking through an “Arrow Slit” at the Aurora Reservoir Playground

For two and a half months, Charlotte and I visited one or two new playgrounds every weekend, from the foothills of the Colorado Front Range to the luxury mountain resorts. I was blown away by the evolution of both the design and execution of the newest integrated play environments ID Sculpture has been putting together. These are some of the most unique and thoughtfully designed playgrounds I have seen. Charlotte had a blast at every site, and to this day she is incapable of picking her favorite feature or experience. Check out some highlights below…

As we pulled out of the parking lot at Elk Ridge Park and our summer tour of playgrounds wound to an end in late September, Charlotte inquired from the back seat, “Daddy, can we do this again next summer?”

To which I replied enthusiastically, “Absoultely!” Just keep making these brilliant playgrounds, Ian, Andris and everyone else at ID Sculpture, and Charlotte and I will make the playground tour a summer tradition.