Young boy peering through playground net climber attached to tree sculpture
Whimsically themed playground with huge sculpted tree climbing features

Heirloom Park

Ken-Caryl, CO Gallery

Eldorado Park

Superior, CO Gallery
Boy and girl playing gleefully on a sculpted slide playground climber
Hand-sculpted sandstone playground rock climbers connected by rope bridges
Child and toddler playing a giant ant playground sculpture
Themed playground featuring a giant leaf slide and kid-sized ant sculptures

Wheatlands Park

Aurora, CO Gallery
Kids playing on playground features including sandstone arch climber and sculpted stump balance event

Balance Elements

Hand-sculpted sandstone playground rock climbers connected by rope bridges


Smiling woman and her dog sitting on a playground moose sculpture


Inspiration Playground

Bellevue, WA Gallery
Concrete and steel tree sculpture with LED lights in the branches
Whimsical playground with a vine-themed climbing feature and sculpted playground climbers
Happy little boy smirking at beaver figure carved into playgournd rock climber
Kids cooperating to ascend huge rock playground sculpture

Wardle Field State Park

Bluffdale, UT Gallery

Meadow Park

Lyons, CO Gallery
Young girl playfully peering out through a mysterious opening in playground rock-climbing feature
Hand-carved stacked-stone playground climber with toddlers smiling down at parents
Two children balancing on a realistic log and rock playground sculpture


Close up shot of a climber's foot scaling a high-detail hand-sculpted indoor climbing wall

Climbing Walls

Kids climbing on vividly colored bulbous interactive art objects

Art + Architecture

Girl climbing up a mysterious tunnel through a sculpted playground climbing wall
Two children playing on a themed sandstone climbing wall with integrated whimsical architectural pods

Sunbird Park

Vail, CO Gallery

Lions Park

Moab, UT Gallery
Boy hanging playfully off a ledge on sculpted playground rock climber
Mother and daughter bouldering on hyper-realistic sculpted climbing feature in Utah park