About IDSculpture

“Is that a sculpture or a playground?”

At ID Sculpture, we get that question a lot—and we love it. We’re setting out to reinvent the playground. To transform it from something ordinary into an unexpected, innovative play space. We want to spark the imagination, inspire learning, and surprise everyone with what a playground can be. So, sculpture or playground? We think it’s both.


Our mission is to foster creativity, community, and play with extraordinary playgrounds and interactive sculpture.

We operate on a few core beliefs that help us create more innovative and inspiring products:

  • Art and play work together and enhance each other
  • Nothing fosters leaning like play
  • Graduated risk teaches kids to make better choices and explore their limits safely
  • Every project should be designed with place in mind
  • Collaboration is the cornerstone of good design


At ID Sculpture, our obsession with play and experiential learning has its roots in the outdoor world. Founder Ian Glas developed a deep passion for rock climbing at an early age and climbed like it was his job for over a decade. When sending routes didn’t pay the bills, Ian took his skill and knowledge to a then fledgling climbing-wall industry. Dissatisfied with the industry standard plywood and steel fabrication methods, Ian and a small group of like-minded makers, climbers, and inventors set about developing a more flexible design and fabrication system. When Ian and company hit upon a sculptable cementitious coating that could be applied to a contoured structural armature, they knew they were really on to something big.

In 2005, Ian founded Integrated Design Solutions, which quickly evolved into the company we are today, ID Sculpture. We have assembled a team of talented designers and craftsmen who employ a sophisticated quiver of tools to bring play and art together. True to our roots, our designs, aesthetic sensibilities, and the smallest details of our finished textures are inspired by nature. We are committed to creating custom interactive sculptures and environments that set the stage for imaginative play and foster generation-spanning interactions. And we are always striving to capture that sense of freedom and wonder that inspired Ian Glas’s passion nearly three decades ago when he first laid hands on stone and climbed.

We proudly design and build in our Rocky Mountain home of Gunnison, Colorado.


ID Sculpture combines digital fabrication with hand-crafted sculpture to visualize and create virtually any form or theme. Our approach allows us to create final products that are unique to your needs while leveraging efficient production processes.

Each project begins with the creation of either a physical or digital maquette. We use sophisticated haptic modeling software and visualization techniques to test our concepts 3-dimensionally. Once the piece is right, we use a 4-axis CNC router to exactly replicate our sculptural models. Finally, our talented team of sculptors applies our proprietary GFRC shell and hand sculpts the finish surface.

This method allows us to work quickly and accurately at a variety of scales while maintaining complete creative control. It also means the model you approve is exactly what our fabrication team builds. Whether it’s an initial concept or a final production model, our digital workflow grantees smooth and accurate collaboration and coordination.


We work closely with our clients to make their visions become reality. When you choose to work with ID Sculpture, you’ll be invited to participate in the design phase to ensure that the finished product meets your exact needs and specifications.

We’ll start by getting familiar with your ideas, your budget, and characteristics of the site. Many clients come with designs of their own or request specific themes, but this isn’t required. If you need help getting started, the IDS catalog features a variety of designs ready for fabrication. Both made-to-order and catalog features can be customized by specifying local rock types, geologic features or even specific movements from a favorite climb.

Once we establish a concept, we’ll use your input to develop a digital 3-D model and then get your feedback to make sure we’re on the right track. You’ll have final approval before we develop complete sealed construction documents and shop drawings.

Working collaboratively is important to us—it ensures that you receive a final product that meets your aesthetic and functional needs and stays within your budget. Our entire design/production workflow has been developed to ensure that what, you see and approve through the design phase is what you can expect to arrive on site.