Product and Technical Specs

At ID Sculpture, we design, build, and play on our climbing sculptures in the Colorado Rockies. We’ve seen our sculptures endure snow, ice, and the intense sun found at high elevations. We stand behind their durability and the innovative materials and techniques we use to build them.


ID Sculpture has developed a high performance composite technology to construct our products. This composition allows us to create lightweight and durable sculptures that are architecturally accurate and can be finished with rich textural detail. The flexibility of our materials and design process allow us to interface with existing site features, like retaining walls, architectural elements, or landscape features.

Our typical structures employ a GeoFoam armature reinforced with steel, which is encapsulated within a specially formulated shell of glass-fiber-reinforced concrete (GFRC).


As professionals in the playground and climbing wall industries, and parents and climbers ourselves, we take safety seriously. All of our playground features conform to ASTM F1487 “Standard Consumer Safety Performance Specification for Playground Equipment for Public Use”. ID Sculture also has Certified Playground Safety Inspectors (CPSI) in-house to ensure that our designs and installations are safe and compliant.

But our commitment to safety goes beyond regulations. We draw on our experience as parents, climbers, and adventurers to design our products. We understand the risks inherent in outdoor play and climbing, and look for ways to mitigate them every day.

ID Sculpture is a proud member of these industry associations...


Everything we build at ID Sculpture is made to last. Our proprietary concrete was developed through years of experience building for the harshest of climates from the bitter cold of our home in Gunnison, Colorado to the blazing heat of Mesa, Arizona. Our finish coat is the toughest in the industry and where other products crumble and fail, ID Sculpture features will stand strong for generations to come.

ID Sculpture structural foam is flame and water resistant, and conforms to ASTM Tests D1621, C203, C1623, and C732 for strength properties, C355 and C272 for moisture resistance, and will not support mold growth.

All ID Sculpture products are warrantied and have an expected lifespan of at least 50yrs.


Our projects are designed and fabricated with installation in mind. We understand the realities of construction sites and have developed a process that ensures the effective and efficient execution of even the most demanding of installations. Whether the site is a clean retail space or a public plaza, ID Sculpture has the experience to do it right every time.

Many of our products, including the entire ID Sculpture catalog, can be installed independently. Most of our freestanding sculptures require a simple slab on grade or concrete piers. Sculptures are shipped with all necessary mechanical connection points and hardware, an easy to understand installation guide, and an Operations and Maintenance manual.

Environmental Commitment

ID Sculpture was born out of a love for adventure and the natural world. We’re committed to making sure that our products last for future generations to enjoy, and minimize waste and environmental impact wherever possible.

ID Sculpture GeoFoam contains a minimum of ten percent recycled materials, and we recycle foam scraps accumulated during fabrication and production.

With proper disassembly and segregation of materials, ID Sculpture play features are as much as 95% recyclable.